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 Frequently Asked
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Terra Vista Realty offer home buyers?
We offer buyers complete assistance in the home buying process - from property searches to showing you homes that meet your buying criteria, and from placing offers to assistance with real estate closings. We are a full-service real estate agency and perform the full range of services that home buyers expect.

Will Terra Vista Realty charge me anything to buy a home?
We normally charge nothing for clients to use our buyer's agency services. This is because the seller will normally offer us a commission on the home you buy. In fact, we can actually pay you to use our services through our 1% rebate system. Check out our buy page, for more information on the commission rebates that we offer.

Does Terra Vista Realty provide buyers with a 1% rebate on every house sale?
No, not on every sale - but we do so in most instances. We typically rebate one third of our commission to the buyer. This usually works out to 1% of the purchase price, since the commission offered to the buyer's agent is 3% on the majority of homes in the Charlotte area. However, because real estate commissions can vary from property to property, sometimes the rebate is not exactly 1%. Also, if a buyer is searching for a home priced at less than $300,000, the rebate is lowered on a sliding scale.

A 1% rebate may not sound like much, but it typically equates to several thousands of dollars on the home you buy.

Can Terra Vista Realty assist with new-construction transactions?
Absolutely – in fact, all of our agents have extensive experience on new-construction transactions. When buyers works with us on a new home purchase, they know they have an advocate working on their behalf from the beginning to the end of the buying experience. And in case you are wondering – yes, we do provide rebates on new-construction homes. In addition, Terra Vista Realty is unique among Charlotte realty firms in that we have a licensed general contractor on staff in our broker-in-charge, Tom Palmer. Tom has built over 40 homes in the Charlotte area, and knows a lot about construction standards. And Tom’s knowledge is sometimes useful for our other agents’ clients as well – as he helps to field questions that these clients have, from time to time.

Please note: if you are visiting new construction homes, you might to consider providing the builder with our name at your first meeting when they ask if you are working with a buyer's agent. Only do this if you're comfortable with the idea of working with us (although you wouldn't be formally required to work with us until you signed a buyer's agency agreement). Just keep in mind that if you tell the builder you don’t have an agent, it may be more challenging to bring one in later in the process. Learn more about our new construction services for buyers.

What about selling? Does Terra Vista Realty provide sellers with full service?
Yes, we do. We provide the full suite of service components that are critical to the home sales process - from completing paperwork to advising on home values, from marketing exposure to contract negotiations, from signage and lockboxes to managing the closing process. We've been successful in helping property owners sell their homes in a wide variety of areas in Charlotte and its suburbs.

How does Terra Vista Realty provide services at a lower price than other agencies?
Terra Vista isn't saddled with the overhead costs that many traditional realty firms have. Conventional real estate companies have to spend money on local and national franchising efforts, training of inexperienced agents, costly management overhead and many other expenses. Terra Vista is structured to avoid many of these extraneous expenses and we pass the savings on to our clients.

Yes, we make less per-transaction than other agencies, but we've found that we can make up for this through improved marketing, increased client referrals and repeat customer business.

In addition to Terra Vista Realty's listing fee of 1%, what other commissions will I need to pay?
If you list your home with Terra Vista Realty, you will typically offer the buyer's agent a commission of 3% of the home sales price. This 3% buyer's agency fee ensures that your property is competitive with other homes listed in the MLS. You will also pay Terra Vista Realty a 1% listing fee upon closing. Therefore, the total commission paid is normally 4%. In other words, three fourths of the total commission fees go to the buyer's real estate agent - not to us - according to the listing contract we normally offer. This way, buyers' agents will have plenty of incentive to show your home to their clients.

Why should I use a full-service Realtor instead of just selling my home FSBO (for sale by owner)?
When you go the for-sale-by-owner route, your home is normally only exposed to a subset of prospective buyers. While it's possible to sell a home this way, the limited supply of qualified buyers means that the home is less likely to sell at the price that it's really worth.

Also, many FSBO sellers encounter hassles and uncertainty in pricing their homes, marketing their homes and completing necessary paper work. As a full-service REALTOR, Terra Vista helps you avoid such hassles. When you sell with us, you have a full-service advocate by your side throughout the home marketing process.

How can I decide if Terra Vista Realty is right for me?
If you're interested in getting a better understanding of our services, we invite you to call us. We'll do our best to answer any questions you might have.


We wholeheartedly recommend Tom to anyone who is looking for someone who will give them an honest assessment of the value and condition of a property, advice on how to deal with the unexpected, and who will go out of his way to make the buying of a property a smooth one.

-Edgar C. and Jose M.


1% Rebate for Buyers

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